Footings and Slinging Stone

by Brenda Robinson on October 20, 2014


Now it’s time to build the footings for each home.  The footings are very important, the foundation will sit on top of the footings after they are done.

The surveyor has been back on-site to check and re pin the corners.  The footings look like this as they are being built…..


After all are built, and they’ve been checked and approved by the Building Official, it is time to fill the footings with concrete via the pumper truck….


The concrete is smoothed while still wet to make an even surface….


When the footings are complete and dry, it’s time to sling some stone!  The Stone Slinger is called and stone is literally “Slung” into the space inside the footings until full and level.  The stone serves as a drainage layer so any water, under or around the footings, will be drained to a sump pump and drained away.

Stay tuned, next we will begin construction of the foundation walls.   They will be constructed with ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) blocks, almost like putting Lego together….


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