What Our Clients Are Saying


We can’t even begin to thank you enough for all your hard work, dedication and patience over the last few years. It has been an amazing journey to have had you build our home, and we are forever grateful. We have so much respect for you, your team, and every trades person involved with making our dreams become a reality. You were always honest, supportive and understanding. We finally have a place to call home and to raise our boys in a comfortable and safe space. We hope to keep in touch with you! J & J R.

Hello John and Brenda
Just a note to thank you both for answering our calls and keeping us up to date through emails, it has helped this renovation go so smoothly. The crew’s skill and the trades men’s time and effort spent doing a job well done is much appreciated. Our new kitchen is a statement of hard work and determination and love of design and functionality. We will truly enjoy working in this space, preparing meals and socializing with friends and family. Once again, thank you John and Brenda.
B & B

  • Robinson Contracting personnel are pleasant, courteous, polite and talented, dependable
  • Worksite was always clean, tidy and organized (we never picked up a nail!)
  • Very responsive and knowledgeable
  • Managed our project very well, delivered as promised and exceeded our expectations
  • Easy to reach by email, phone and in person, regular contact
  • No stress with staff, contractors or subs
  • Estimates and timing were accurately quoted
  • Adjustments and changes (plus and minuses) were handled accurately, fairly and precisely communicated
  • Snap them up if you can, they are good team. Your neighbours will be jealous.


The guys who work for you are so nice and polite!

We are thrilled with results of the garage build. The quality of the products used, combined with the skill of your staff and contractors has made this project a rewarding experience. We thank you and John for a job well done. Cheers.
JM and RM

I feel very lucky to have you working with me on the “rebirth” of my cottage. The care that you have already shown in the work that you do, particularly the concrete work, has convinced me that I made the right choice. I take pride in what I do, and always feel comfortable with others who demonstrate the same approach to work done well. I feel very comfortable working with you. I look forward to more great things to come!

Hi John and Brenda,
Well we are in our final stages of this kitchen. This has been such a big part of my life for the past year, and the end is in sight. I just wanted to let you know how appreciative we are with your efforts on our behalf getting things finished up. Dave and Kory are amazing workers. You can be very proud of them. They are so eager to please me and get everything done just right. They have been a pleasure to have in our house all these weeks. Mike was here today to finish up the trim and put the vacuum sweep in as well as a few other things. The cupboards and trim all look amazing. I am so pleased. Hope you and Brenda have a nice weekend.
S. D.

Hello John,
Thank you to you and your crew for the great work at our house. We didn’t think we knew so many neighbors until now when everyone is stopping by and asking about and complimenting us on the work you have done.
Your crew was absolutely fabulous. Their commitment to quality workmanship is clear and they are genuine and customer focused. I would have them back anytime.
SP, December 2013

Dear John and Brenda.
A big thank you for your efforts on our behalf. The end result of 2 years of planning and completing the upstairs is wonderful. Brenda, thank you for keeping track of everything. John, thank you for being so patient and calm. You have succeeded in making us two beautiful bathrooms and a master bedroom. Let everyone know how pleased we are and thank them for their attention to every detail. Paul, Dave, Elroy Steve and Mike were great to work with and bent over backward to please us.
Sincerely, S & P

Dear Brenda , John, Jamie, and your whole crew,

I’m just dropping you a note to say thank you so much. I absolutely love the cottage!

I want to thank you for all your help, guidance and patience as you built an amazing cottage for me. This journey as l’m sure you will recall started with you giving up a weekend day driving out at my old cottage to give me a very honest opinion if it was worth salvaging or should I start new. That was just the first of many of your “off hours” you gave up to assist me in this project and answer my questions. Your expertise in building and the related costs saved me an enormous amount of money as you so diplomatically questioned and guided me on the exterior of the cottage and helped me decide to lose all the roof lines and gables I had originally chosen. Your help in steering me through the permit process was invaluable! There were times that I said “that’s it” and as my patience was wearing thin, you were there to help me over the next hurdle. Sitting in my gorgeous new cottage, I really do thank you for that.

You and Brenda were always so patient with me for even the stupid questions. i value and treasure your input and you were always willing to listen and guide as I needed it. Both you and Brenda have an amazing taste and ability to see what will work. When i asked for your opinion, I took it as I knew your opinion would be the direction to follow.

Many people thought I was nuts – a single female, who knows nothing about building, contracting out to build a cottage. I had lots of people warn me that it will be so stressful! Well, they were all wrong! I learned very quickly, when Robinson Contracting builds you a house, it is stress free! Ail you have to do is sit back, have fun picking out the pretty finishes (of which I want to thank both of you for all your help in that department too!), and let the experts build. Trustworthy, honest and knowing the job would be done not only correctly, but beyond what I have learned many contractors do, is a way of building for Robinson Contracting. So many people who know about building came through the cottage as the process was ongoing and told me “wow, this is amazing, John is building this beyond code,” other comments I heard was “you have an amazing builder,” “I wish my house had …”, or “I wish I had of used these types of electrical boxes, or tile,” and the list goes on. Building my cottage was not only stress free; it was actually a way to reduce stress. A very close friend said to me, pick a builder that you feel comfortable with and trust so that you can sleep at night. By having you build my cottage, I did not have a sleepless night worrying about anything!!

I loved talking to and dealing with ail your sub trades. They were ail so knowledgeable, kind, professional, patient, and helpful when they needed ideas from me and I wasn’t sure what to do. Again, I was abie to rely on the experts. Many people told me how impressed they were with how clean the work site was and how everyone left it in such good condition. Never did I have to go around and clean up even the yard after someone have been in.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to sincerely thank you for everything you did for me and how both of you went way beyond what anyone would expect. And thank you for having Jamie on board too!! That meant a lot to me! As the neighbours say, “it is the talk of the beach!!” and “holy, you didn’t even lose a summer out of this!” Please feel free to use me and the cottage anytime as a reference, but as my friends will warn you, I might be gushing a whole lot over how awesome you are and my cottage are!

Thank you just doesn’t seem to cut it; but thank you!!

From the owner of a custom home we are currently building: WOW I love the floors, lights, fans – everything – even the furnace is pretty!! Thank you so much – it looks so amazing and not even finished yet!

From the owner of another custom home we are currently building: Hi John and Brenda – just wanted to send a note of appreciation on the work – your work inside and the deck work by the guys outside looks great. The garage doors are also top quality in finish and installation. We are very excited and can’t wait to move in. Our home will be a showpiece when we get it done ! Thanks for all your work so far – we are very pleased and excited.

From the owner of a home we renovated: Thank you so much for a job very well done.

From the owners of a cottage we renovated: Thanks very much for all of you hard work…and the additional “fixes” you have done for us. We really appreciate all your efforts.

From the owner of a cottage we renovated: Thank you so much for the work you have done for us at our new cottage. We realize you have gone “above and beyond” and we are very appreciative.

From a local non-profit organization. We donated our time to construct an arbour for their public garden: Your donation of the arbour will provide a legacy for years to come. Thank you for seeing a need, extending a hand and changing a life.

Hello John and Brenda, The arbour looks LOVELY!! You have done a fabulous job!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for working so hard on this and donating your time and efforts to this task. It will be a beautiful spot that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Wow!  I cannot find the words to convey my thanks and I believe this will be a quiet nook for people to reflect.  This is such a wonderful gift.  I greatly appreciate your time and commitment John.  I spoke to a person who just lost his wife –many, many years of marriage…he walked the labyrinth and I spoke to him about the arbour…he told me he and his wife loved gardening and sitting in their garden.  They loved arbours…makes the day of caring so worthwhile when you know this will be an outside sanctuary for someone you know.  Thank you.  I know I will take my son to the arbour and sit and tell him about his uncle who was a carpenter who loved designing and creating outside spaces.  Thank you Brenda and John.