How About That ICF!

by Brenda Robinson on December 14, 2014


Now that we have met the crew, it’s time for a little lesson about Insulated Concrete Form construction “ICF”.  Insulated Concrete Form is a type of construction that provides a high “R” value (Resistance value – the current building code requires R24 in a building’s walls, ICF performs up to R50).  Apart from the high R value, ICF construction provides a barrier to make a building stronger, more energy efficient, more comfortable and, among other great features, makes it sound and wind proof.  Our literature shows ICF homes still standing in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina while non ICF homes were flattened.

So what are ICF blocks and what do they look like?  Here is a picture of a block….

ICF Block

Our company uses NUDURA ICF block,  We order them in the configuration needed depending on the style of building we are constructing, then put them together almost like Duplo or Lego, the blocks children put together.  Each block has rebar added to it for strength, like this….

ICF Block with rebar     ICF Blcok Ready to Install     ICF Construction in Progress

Note that each block has insulating foam on either side of it, plus a cavity with webs to hold the rebar in place and to hold the concrete that will soon be poured into it.  It is now time to call the concrete and the pumper trucks back to the jobsite.  Here they are….

Concrete Trucks   Concrete Pumper   IMG_0597

The crew must be totally prepared when the concrete arrives and all hands on deck!  It takes a team to do this job to make sure all the cavities are completely filled with concrete and that no concrete escapes at window and door openings.  All openings are securely blocked before the concrete pour begins.

Crew Pumping Concrete into ICF Block      Pumping Concrete into ICF Block     Happy With a Perfect Concrete Pour

Successful concrete pour, everyone is happy!

Happy Crew after ICF Pour


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