Shh….Here is a Sneak Peek…..

by Brenda Robinson on March 9, 2015


While the weather has been cold and stormy over the past winter months we have been warm and dry and busy working on the interior of the smaller house!  The electrical and plumbing rough ins are done and the HVAC (Heating, Air Conditioning) systems are up and running.  Interior painting is complete, hardwood flooring has been installed, most of the doors are hung and trimmed, the furniture grade staircase installation is underway as is the remaining floor tiling.  And, drum roll please… is a sneak peek at the kitchen installation in progress…..!!!

Kitchen Cabinets

Note the beautiful cabinet colours, the glass fronted uppers and the perfect layout for efficient use.  Note also the hardwood flooring has been protected with heavy duty construction paper until the interior is complete.  So….what do you think?  The next step will be to template the counter tops using laser equipment so all counters will fit perfectly.  The plumbing fixtures have been ordered and are ready for install after the counter tops are finished.

In the meanwhile we continue to work on other parts of the house and on the second house next door.  Stay tuned, with brighter sunshine, longer days and the promise of Spring, we will be moving outside soon to start finishing the exterior…and moving along with the other house.



Moving Right Along….

by Brenda Robinson on February 1, 2015


Construction is moving right along!  Both houses are closed in, roofing is almost done, window and exterior door installation is underway.  At the same time the “rough-in’s” for electrical, plumbing and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) are in progress by our licensed sub-trades, each of whom specialize in their specific area of expertise.  Window and door capping has begun on one house, see second picture, as has insulation and drywall; cabinetry has been designed and ordered.  Take a look at the exterior of both houses….

Consturction Continues     Window and Door Trim

The Municipality has connected water and sewer, Hydro One has connected hydro to one house, just waiting for the hydro hook up to the other and for Enbridge Gas to complete the gas hook up to both.  Stay tuned…..


How About That ICF!

December 14, 2014

Now that we have met the crew, it’s time for a little lesson about Insulated Concrete Form construction “ICF”.  Insulated Concrete Form is a type of construction that provides a high “R” value (Resistance value – the current building code requires R24 in a building’s walls, ICF performs up to R50).  Apart from the high […]

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Time to Meet the Crew!

October 27, 2014

Construction is moving right along, it’s time to meet the crew!  Here they are….. From left to right, I am pleased to introduce….Dave, Adam, Kory, John, Jamie and Mike.  All great, very talented guys, we are happy to have them all on board! Stay tuned to see what happens next….

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Footings and Slinging Stone

October 20, 2014

Now it’s time to build the footings for each home.  The footings are very important, the foundation will sit on top of the footings after they are done. The surveyor has been back on-site to check and re pin the corners.  The footings look like this as they are being built….. After all are built, […]

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Let’s Excavate!

October 10, 2014

Now it’s time to excavate and dig the basements.   The surveyor has already been on site to “pin the corners” of each home.  “Pin the Corners” is a process that the surveyor does to identify the corners of each home.  The surveyor uses the survey, and the drawings, to determine where each corner is, each is marked […]

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Let’s Get Started!

October 3, 2014

Let”s get started to build some homes!  First we need building lots, often a scarce commodity.  It just so happens we have two wonderful lots on which to build!  Take a look, here are some “before” views of the property.  Note that the Owner very carefully mowed the lawn one last time!   We’ve already […]

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