Let’s Excavate!

by Brenda Robinson on October 10, 2014


Now it’s time to excavate and dig the basements.   The surveyor has already been on site to “pin the corners” of each home.  “Pin the Corners” is a process that the surveyor does to identify the corners of each home.  The surveyor uses the survey, and the drawings, to determine where each corner is, each is marked to make it clear where the basements will be.  Now it’s time to call in the excavator….


Next, we need someone to run it….


Here’s Josh, hard at work!  First the topsoil is stripped and placed at the back of both properties.  It will be saved, and will be put back around the homes when they are complete.


The next step is to remove the clay subsoil and pile it in front of the stripped topsoil.  It will be used for backfill once the footings and basement walls are complete.  Note the man holding what looks like a yard stick?  He is working in tandem with the excavator to make sure the excavation is at the correct depth.  When their job is finished, the surveyor is called in to check the homes’ corners again.


Watch for my next post to see what the following days bring!

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